Frequently Asked Questions

What are Xclusive Weeks?
Xclusive Weeks are weeks available from partner resorts and companies that RTX typically works with to find exchanges for members. They are usually for last-minute vacations, so the weekly rates are deeply discounted, as resorts would rather sell them at a discount than have them go unused.

How do I make a reservation for an Xclusive Week? 
If you would like to book an Xclusive Week, simply call RTX at 888-988-4RTX and we will take care of you from there.

Do I have to deposit a week or pay an exchange fee? 
No, Xclusive Weeks are extra weeks that do not require a deposit or exchange.

What locations and resorts are available? 
The locations, resorts, unit sizes and check-in dates will vary week to week, depending on what is available from our partners.

How much do they cost?
The pricing varies depending on your RTX member level, as well as the resort, unit size and check-in date.

Where do I find the weeks that are available? 
Each Monday, we will send members the current pricing and availability via email. Keep in mind that there may only be one unit available for a certain resort on a certain date, so the best thing to do is call us directly to see if a given week is still available. Our Xclusive Week availability extends beyond the dates that are listed in this e-mail. Be sure to call in and speak with a Travel Consultant today.

What’s the difference between RTX Xclusive Weeks & RTX Getaways? 
Both types of discounted weeks are good for last minute reservations and do not require an exchange or deposit. However, RTX Getaways can be searched and booked on our website, while Xclusive Weeks are only advertised via email to members. Xclusive Weeks give RTX members even more options for amazing vacation destinations and discounts.  

I am an RTX member but I haven't received Xclusive Weeks emails. What can I do? 
Complete this form to confirm your subscription preferences for Xclusive Weeks and other emails from RTX and you should be all set!